Thursday, October 01, 2009

What comes after good? Great, of course

We boiled water today in culinary class, our first use of fire on just the fourth day into our studies.

Actually, Chef Tony boiled the water; we students used it to blanch tomatoes so we could practice tomato concassé. That's one of 10 basic cuts and shapes we are learning in Culinary Arts Foundations I. Each has a name, is precise in method and outcome and helps form the foundation of all the cooking and food preparation we will undertake going forward.

After a rough start Tuesday on the battonet, my cutting work is improving. Chef Tony said so himself, when he saw the results of my ciseler -- that's the dicing of an onion, something I already knew how to do, sort of. I asked Chef when he came 'round for an inspection if my ciseler looked good. "Yes, good," he responded. "Not great."

He wants great, and so do I. A few onions will meet their ciseler this weekend in my kitchen.

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