Monday, October 26, 2009

'The simplest sauce there is'

Anyone can make this sauce -- it's a delicious one -- to put on a sautéed steak. Chef Tony Marano did it swiftly, with a flavorful result, when he demonstrated sautér in Culinary Foundations I class last week.

When the steak is resting after coming out of the pan, wipe out the accumulated fat in the pan. Pour a small amount of red wine, 2-3 ounces for one steak, into the still hot pan. Reduce it to burn off the alcohol and to leave just the flavor in the pan. Add 6-8 ounces of veal stock and simmer. When it is reduced by about half, add a tablespoon of clarified butter, a technique called monter au beurre or mounting with butter. That thickens the sauce. It's now ready to serve, spooned over the steak.

"This is marchand du vin -- literally 'wine merchant sauce'," Chef Tony said, "a red wine reduction with veal stock. It's the simplest sauce there is."

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