Friday, October 23, 2009

Stitches out; Heidelberg Scar in the works

"Oh, it's the guy with the thumb."

That was physician Gerald C. Lee's greeting for me when I appeared this morning so he could remove the five neatly sewn stitches in my left thumb. The problem was that I stood too close to my rapidly moving paring knife during knife skills practice in class at the California Culinary Academy on Oct. 8.

Dr. Lee left me with the beginnings of what Chef Tony Marano already had called my "Heidelberg Scar", a badge of honor or, if you will, an initiation into the realities of the culinary arts.

A few days of practice on those 10 basic knife cuts, and I will be ready for my knife skills test in Chef Tony's Culinary Foundations I. He graciously delayed the test for me after that bit of unpleasantness on Oct. 8.

 Dr. Lee had one more thought for me as I departed his office: "As a chef, you will want to get a tetanus shot every five years now, instead of every 10."

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