Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simple perfection: cream of mushroom soup

Nothing's better than a hot, flavorful bowl of soup on a cold San Francisco day. When it can be made simply, even better.

The cream of mushroom soup we made in Chef Tony Marano's Culinary Foundations I class on Tuesday fit the bill: hot and flavorful, done in 30 minutes -- perfect!

In efficient, assembly line fashion, the class whipped out the soup. I cleaned and sliced the mushrooms, and classmates handled the onion, saute in butter, addition of a brown veal stock (we didn't have any white stock, which Chef Tony said would have been preferable), immersion purée and the cream.

Another successful adventure, and another example of how good, classical cooking doesn't always have to be complicated.


  1. Yum.
    What more can I say, except when do we get the recipe?!

  2. The recipe for this is a bit different than how I usually make my mushroom soup. I'll pass along both recipes in the near future.