Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cooking school has me in stitches -- 5 to be exact

Halfway through the final practice for Friday's practical exam on the 10 basic knife cuts in culinary school, I put a good little gash into my left thumb with my paring knife.

Five stitches and a bit of embarrassment later, I'm wondering if I'll be able to handle the exam on Friday.

The cut is at the first knuckle, and while it isn't deep, it is at a critical spot, because that's where my thumb bends, thus cracking it open. So it is stitched, splinted to prevent bending and wrapped in some pretty cool looking tape.

For the record, I was coring a roma tomato when it happened.

Also for the record, I had completed six of the 10 cuts and still had plenty of time. And, I had the presence of mind to ask Chef Tony, our cool-headed teacher who immediately took me out of the game, how I had done on what I did manage to complete.

He took a serious look at my tray and declared, with a nod and a smile, "You're on the right track."

I'm convinced it wasn't a sympathy assessment.

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  1. Eegads! Say this isn't true!!! Are you OK? How did you do today? This is an exciting and interesting story. I am glad you aren't the world's most perfect student. That would be boring. This is not boring. Truth is stranger than fiction.