Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ... yogurt!

Does the world need another yogurt shop?

Apparently not, if it's up to San Francisco health inspectors.

Most definitely, if it's Fraîche, say the legions of followers familiar with the organic purveyor that runs its dairy and a shop in Palo Alto and another shop in Stanford.

The yogurt is labeled "plain," although aficionados say it is anything but. Topped with a selection of fresh fruits, Fraîche yogurt won this comment from one Yelp reviewer: "New natural frozen yogurt places keep opening up, but nobody does it better than Fraîche. This place nails it."

Fraîche's online menu lists frozen yogurt, Blue Bottle organic coffee, baked goods and oatmeal as well as fresh yogurt.

The owners of Fraîche are nearly ready to open in San Francisco, at 1910 Fillmore St., needing just a few tweaks and, importantly, the health inspector's OK. When will that be?

"He told us November," co-owner Patama Roj said Wednesday, her smile belying the frustration she must feel at the bureaucratic delay.

Let's hope for the sakes of the owners' business and those yearning for good yogurt that it's much sooner than November.

Look for word on opening and a review here.

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