Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lamb tacos? B-a-a-a-d!

Some ground lamb left over from delicious stuffed bell peppers made a few days ago went into tacos for lunch today.

The ground meat taco is basic Sonoran Mexican food, or as it appears on restaurant menus in my hometown of Tucson, "old-style taco". It is ground beef on a corn tortilla folded over and fried. Stuffed with cheese, lettuce, maybe some sliced green olives and covered with salsa cruda, it is true comfort food.

Lamb simply didn't work the way beef does in these tacos. The taste was off just enough so that the combination of meat and corn didn't work.

Memo to self: Stick to the basics when making the basics.

(Photo credit: Grub Street)

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  1. Am enjoying your blog, and I like the way it's going with these delectable semi-bite-sized blog morsels. In my busy life, it's about all I can swallow in one sitting. I'll keep coming back to the table for more.