Monday, September 21, 2009

Recommendation for Colibri Mexican Bistro affirmed

What constitutes good food is such a subjective matter that it can make perilous the offering of a suggestion for eating out.

Yet when friend and San Francisco author Maria Goodavage ( asked me to recommend a restuarant near Union Square in the city, without hesitation I proposed Colibri Mexican Bistro on Geary Street and suggested she order the molé poblano among other dishes.

Maria ate at Colibri Saturday night and had an excellent experience. She and her dining companion had Nopales Asados, which are grilled cactus leaves; Tamales Oaxaqueños, covered in molé poblano; and, Maria's favorite, Pechuga Rellena de Huitlacoche , a chicken breast stuffed with a mix of huitlacoche , zucchini and fresh corn, served over a roasted garlic sauce.

Hmmm, wonder if I should tell her what huitlacoche is.

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