Sunday, September 27, 2009

Uniform pressed, knives sharpened: Let's cook!

Monday will be the first day of classes at the California Culinary Academy.

Am I nervous? Right down to the toes of my brand-new, skid-proof kitchen shoes.

In preparation, I pressed my uniform jacket and pants, shined those skid-proof shoes, put my commis (headgear, as seen in my photo at right), neckerchief, towels and apron in a duffel bag and bought a nifty new notebook and a package of pens. I plan to take plenty of notes.

Also in preparation, I am making a hearty dinner for tonight -- a big pot of posole, from scratch. (Details, including recipe, in a future blog posting.)

Anticipation and eagerness are balancing my nerves. Having read Julia Child's "My Life in France," I know this will take practice, discipline, hard work and, most of all, passion.

Passion. Julia had it, no doubt.

Passion. The chefs who run the Academy have it, clearly.

Passion. It's simmering toward a rolling boil in me.

Let's get cooking.

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