Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OTD Bush open for business

The long-awaited OTD Bush Street -- aka Out the Door -- opened today in San Francisco's Fillmore District. A steady breakfast clientele populated the sophisticated-looking space, both at the marble table tops and spacious counter seating.

Owner Charles Phan occupied a prominent seat at the counter, keeping an eye on the kitchen and greeting customers.

The breakfast menu features several Vietnamese selections, including lotus wrapped sticky rice with Chinese sausage and "pork shrimp", chicken phô and beef phô and chicken porridge.

Phan and Chef de Cuisine Grace Nguyen offer several egg dishes with interesting twists to them. Included are baked eggs on a tomato coulis and French ham (photo), soft scrambled eggs with chives and soy, poached eggs with a braised Niman Ranch beef brisket and potatoes.

Try the Vietnamese coffee, thickened and sweetened with condensed milk.

The egg dishes seemed a bit pricey, ranging from $8 for the soft scramled eggs to $13 for the poached eggs. A steamed bun was $3, beignets and Vietnamese coffee $8 and sesame granola $9.

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