Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foods of central Europe: Lots of meat

Update on the central European food adventures of my daughter Ann Chihak Poff and son-in-law Curt Poff: They are in Germany, where they celebrated Oktoberfest last evening at a traditional beer hall.

Before that, they enjoyed the history, vistas and people of Prague, Czech Republic. Oh, and the food and beer; they really enjoyed the food and beer.

Ann reported in her blog that their tour guide steered them to a locals only -- meaning non-touristy -- Czech restaurant, where they partook of genuine Czech cuisine.

At another place, they enjoyed "mixed meat (fairly spicy) with potato pancakes ... (and) dumplings, polenta and meat." The spiciness came from paprika, Ann surmised. (Photo at right shows a meal they had at one restaurant in Prague.)

Later, they had traditional sausages and a big serving of "pork knee", brought to their table on the spit on which it was roasted (photo at left).

They reported that the best beer, an amber ale, was served up at the monastery on the hill in Prague. In fact, they visited there twice.

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