Thursday, September 24, 2009

Does this chef's jacket make me look fat?

Many young people find when they begin college -- away from home, eating on their own, perhaps less healthy foods -- they gain weight. It's been called the "Freshman 15," meaning a 15-pound weight gain in freshman year.

At culinary school, it's a potentially bigger problem, because students are literally eating their homework and their in-class work.

"I affectionately refer to that here as  the 'Freshman 65'," Executive Chef Tim Grable said today at the California Culinary Academy. Grable is director of the Academy's Pastry and Baking program, and he discussed the weight-gain issue during an orientation discussion for students -- including me -- who start classes next week at the San Francisco school.

   "Be careful," Grable advised. "It's not so much weight or vanity, but health. Yes, you probably will gain a little more weight (as a culinary student) than you would otherwise."

   His suggestion for staying trim while learning culinary arts and how to bake and make pastries:

   "Taste, don't eat."

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  1. Michael,

    I will help you. Just give all your extra samples to me. I will taste, I will savor, I will be the one to put on the extra pounds. You remain svelte. I'll get pudgy. It's a sacrifice, but if I get to eat your chef food, I'll do it....