Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fillmore update: Dinos' birthday; OTD early open

Dino's, at the corner of California and Fillmore streets in the heart of San Francisco's Fillmore District, threw itself a birthday party this evening, and it looked like the whole neighborhood showed up.

And why not? Free pizza pie!

Nice to see this neighborhood business and its hard-working crew getting some attention on the street. It serves a mean slice of pizza, and its pastas and minestrone soup are pretty darn good, too.

By the way, Dino's is 21, and appropriately billed its celebration as "Dino's becomes legal."

* * *

Several days of tryouts, with free eats for neighbors and friends and a successful introduction this morning to the media, have led owner Charles Phan and Chef de Cuisine Grace Nguyen to open OTD Bush Street for business on Wednesday -- breakfast, lunch and dinner.

That's one day earlier than what everyone involved had been saying for the last few weeks.

Obviously, the kitchen is running smoothly, and the staff is up to speed. The facility is a beauty.

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