Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baker and Banker filling Quince space

Replacing Quince at the corner of San Francisco's Octavia and Bush streets soon will be Baker and Banker. An earlier report said the new restaurant would be called Brown Butter.

Veteran restaurateurs Lori Baker and Jeff Banker (left), who are married to one another, will open in the space that Quince left as it moved to 470 Pacific St.

A help-wanted advertisement for a sous chef in Craigslist Tuesday evening revealed the restaurant name and additionally said:
"Baker and Banker will be a welcoming neighborhood restaurant serving distinctive but approachable food made with care and based on produce and meats from local producers with whom they have long-standing relationships. All breads and pastries will be made in-house and a bakery is planned on the site in the near future."
No surprise that the restaurant will have an in-house bakery; Lori Baker has produced an array of pastries at various locales in the city for years.

(Photo credit: Flickr)


  1. Also, Quince has now opened in its new space:

  2. What a handsome fella!