Saturday, November 28, 2009

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 9

Campbell's: the Ford Pinto?
"It's the elegant soup of the world. It's the Mercedes Benz, the Rolls Royce, the Jaguar of soups."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty, describing the place of consommé in haute cuisine.

Something's missing
"This is turducken without the tur."
-- Chef David Isenberg during a demonstration of how a chicken was stuffed inside a duck along with forcemeat (shown at left). Often, the chicken and forcemeat stuffed duck is then stuffed inside a turkey, but not this time.

Please, be exact
"When it's cooked."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty responding to a student's question about length of time for sauté of breaded eggplant. 

Trade ya'
"We're bringing you some creme brulée. Anything for us?"
-- Executive Chef Tim Grable carrying a tray from his pastry and baking class into our kitchen classroom. In exchange, we sent over a big bowl of freshly made tabouleh. 

Paging Chef Merlin
"Water is magic."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty reiterating that a little water can go a long way toward curing the ill of a sauce that's too thick or a veggie that's about to brown when it shouldn't or any other of a long list of stove-top issues.

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