Saturday, November 14, 2009

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 7

Churchill's worst kind of government
"Kitchens are not a democracy. It's, 'Yes, Chef.' That's true in restaurant kitchens; it's true in my kitchen."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty (right) spelling out class rules for Culinary Foundations II, then giving us a say in when we want to take the midterm exam -- before or after Thanksgiving break.
Not ready for prime time
"It's like Top Chef except we don't know what we're doing and they do."
-- Culinary student John Briggs, commenting on the timed cooking exercises and increasing pace and complexity of work in Culinary Foundations II.

What would Trini Lopez do?
"Bring a hammer."
-- Culinary student Fontaine McFadden's facetious solution for pans whose warped bottoms cause uneven heating. "Won't help," Chef Dan responded, suggesting use of flat-bottomed pans.

Selecting the right vintage
 "You don't want it to taste too good, because the help drinks it."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty discussing the quality of wine used for restaurant cooking.

Love of learning
"I remembered the ingredients and didn't have to look at the recipe."
-- Culinary student Jorge Olmos on one benefit of having to repeat making a sauce to get it right. (We all have had to; Jorge merely was big enough to 'fess up to it.)

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