Monday, August 24, 2009

Now THAT'S a tortilla

Like a true Mejicano, I opened the package of tortillas from La Estrella Bakery in Tucson as soon as I got to the car and ate one. OK, I ate two. Delicioso. And they were still warm, just off the comál!

Now that's divine. I splurged and purchased five dozen -- three of the large (10 inches across) and two smaller (six inches) -- to take back home to San Francisco later this week.

The big challenge will be keeping them intact -- that is to say, uneaten -- before I depart in two days.

Ask a true Tucsonense about the best flour tortillas, and you will get an argument about whether they come from La Estrella or St. Mary's or Alejandro's or the late great Grande Tortilla Factory.

For my money, La Estrella is the best. But I will take one from any other of the above-mentioned tortilla factories over anything I can get anywhere else, including my newly adopted home of San Francisco.

Next stop: Tucson's American Meat Co. for the world's best Mexican chorizo.

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  1. My family prefers St. Mary's, but anywhere that uses a lot of lard tastes pretty good :)- DLouie