Thursday, August 06, 2009

Into the frying pan

The feeling of new life is stirring within me. New life in the form of enrollment in culinary school, with all the opportunities, wonders and ideas it carries.

Oh, and the fears -- hundreds of them. But let's keep this recipe simple, with just the Top Four Fears:

No. 4: Can I handle five days a week of other people telling me what to do after all these years of my telling others what to do?

No. 3: Can I find something in this beyond the ability to dazzle family and friends by whipping up from scratch a tasty b├ęchamel sauce in my kitchen?

No. 2: Can I unlearn my self-taught cooking skills, reserving the creative juices for later inclusion, to adopt the proper ways of the French kitchen?

No. 1: Can I fulfill my long-held desire to be a capital-C Cook?

Fears aside, a good cook tastes what he is making before serving it to others. I have been tasting this for a long time. It is good, and I shall serve it.

¡Que aprovecho!

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