Friday, August 28, 2009

Get ready for Salsa Sunday

A new "feature" of this blog, starting Sunday, will be salsa recipes, one a week. We'll call it Salsa Sunday.

Included will be recipes from a standard salsa cruda to the best replication I can come up with of my Tia Lily's fabulous chile verde. I'll borrow recipes and components of recipes, and when I do, the source and/or originator will be credited.

In all instances, fresh ingredients will be at the core of the recipes. That means for me adhering to my religion -- going to the Fillmore Farmers Market Saturday mornings. At the core of the fresh ingredients will be chiles, with the notation that there will be some recipes that call for dried chiles.

For this Sunday's recipe, I will buy a lime, cilantro, ripe red tomatoes, scallions, garlic, jalapeƱos and a milder chile like an anaheim. On hand, I will have salt, black peppercorns and vinegar.

¿Listo? Entonces, te veo en Domingo.

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