Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's gonna be a long four weeks

The owner of Patisserie Delanghe at Fillmore and Bush streets, a few doors from my house, has gone to France for his summer holiday. The shop is closed until Sept. 15.

More's the pity. While I don't often partake of his delicious pastries, I delight in walking past the window two, three or more times a day. I always walk slowly to take in the marvels of his magic as he creates cakes, fruit tarts, custard-filled puffs, cookies and other edible decadence.

In fact, one of his popular pastries is boldly called La Decadence. It's dark with chocolate and bright with a fresh strawberry on top. Decadent, indeed.

Haven't partaken of La Decadence -- yet. For my money, his chocolate croissant still hits the sweet spot, literally.

Is it Sept. 15 yet?

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