Monday, August 31, 2009

Good and healthy food is for everyone

The weekend Eat Real Festival at Oakland's Jack London Square successfully pushed the idea that eating healthy, with locally grown and sustainable foods, can reach the masses. As well it should.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the three-day festival drew 30,000 people a day for the good eats being peddled by local vendors, farmers and brewers. That's significant, and it rivals the number who attended the Slow Food Nation eat fest last year in San Francisco. The Eat Real Festival's price of admission -- free -- obviously was a major factor.

The success in Oakland this weekend shows the demand for healthy eating for all. With obesity among Americans at an all-time high and sugar intake under siege by the American Heart Association, the timing is perfect.

Credit some of those involved in last year's Slow Food Nation for working to extend the movement via the Eat Real Festival.

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