Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's cooking today? You guessed it: veal

Veal cordon bleu, to be exact. That's two veal cutlets stuffed with gruyere cheese and ham, rolled together, then dredged in flour, egg and bread crumbs before browning in a sauté. It will be served with a Béchamel sauce.

Even more challenging will be the starch side dish of potatoe dauphine and paté a choux. That's a mashed potato whipped with flour and eggs to a shiny mass that is then piped in small pieces into a deep fry.

The vegetable will be shredded and sautéed Brussels sprouts.

First course will be a spinach salad with egg, bacon and tomato, topped with a warm mustard vinaigrette.

Second course will be chunky tomato soup, spiced with mint and topped with a small dollop of sour cream.

Tune in later to find out how well I do on this challenge.

(Photo, courtesy of, shows how my veal cordon bleu should look.)

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