Monday, January 11, 2010

Disappointing day all around at culinary school

Chicken ballotine grandmere and the fixings were first on the menu today, followed by grilled chicken breast, lentils and fruit salsa.

In short, the day was an ordeal for me.

Chef Dan Fluharty and I were in agreement. In Chef Dan's words: "It was a pretty disappointing day."

My proteins -- the chicken ballotine and the grilled chicken -- turned out well, cooked right and flavorful.

The rest of both meals fell short. The pan sauce, which has been a strong point for me of late, simply didn't work to accompany the chicken ballotine. I tried to rush it, and that made it thin and lacking in deep flavors. The Brussels sprouts were undercooked. I thought my potato pancakes were done right, but Chef thought they were slightly underdone.

On the second dish, my fruit salsa to accompany the grilled chicken, was flavorful, but I left the juices from it off the plate, which was a mistake. My lentils were cooked right, but Chef said they lacked seasoning.

All in all, an off day in the kitchen. Tomorrow is another day, and it will be better.


  1. I like reading about bad days as much as good days. It's entertaining (sorry), and adds a good dose of reality. Maybe I'm too hooked into reality cooking shows? At least you can't get voted off in cooking school -- can you?

  2. Voted off? No. It's not a democracy, thank goodness.

    Showing up and doing my best will keep me in school.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your support. It's always helpful.