Saturday, January 09, 2010

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 13

Life imitating art?
"I like 'Worst Chefs in America,' because it reminds me of cooking school."
-- Culinary student Bary Gose's response when asked by the chef which TV cooking programs he liked.
Give warning
"Don't wait to pass out."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty to student Molly Lester when she said the heat and gas smell in the kitchen, with the hood fans off so we could hear the lecture, were making her feel woozy.

We want to earn our letter
"If you want us to move up to varsity, make us do seven sides."
-- Culinary student Fontaine McFadden reacting when Chef Dan said we could do a simple six-sided tourné of potato instead of the more difficult seven-sided cut required in classic French cuisine.

Silence is golden
"Say nothing when you're up there."
-- Culinary student Alfie Regadio's advice to fellow students when presenting their plated cooking efforts to the Chef. Alfie mentioned to the Chef a mistake on his plate that had gone unnoticed; he lost one-half point as a result. 

Mystery meat
"Schnitzel in America is called chicken fried steak. Chicken fried steak: It's not steak; it's not even chicken. What is it? I have no idea."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty previewing one recipe we will be undertaking in this term.

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