Saturday, January 23, 2010

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 15

Up in flames?
 "Pay attention to the fat so we don't catch the place on fire and burn it down."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty, noting that the last time we used deep fryers in the classroom kitchen, oil temperatures rose to a dangerous 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's Mr. Knucklehead to you, buddy
"Look at this pot. What knucklehead cooked the couscous?"
-- Culinary student Rob Park seeing the grain burned black in a pot. The prescribed way to make couscous is to add hot liquid, not put it over a flame. The pot was mine.

Season with care
"Do you want to put so much seasoning on it that it burns the chef's mouth? No!"
-- Chef Dan Fluharty's reference to one student's liberal use of white pepper.

Culinary grammar
"Do we still lemon it? It's a verb now."
-- Culinary student Aline Brown altering language usage as part of her kitchen experience.

Goldilocks spinach: just right
"This is not spinach soup, and it's not a brick. If you do it right, there's little better than creamed spinach."
-- Executive Chef Michael Weller upon learning that our class had a bit less than success with the dish on our first outing with it.


  1. Hola Michael! It was great to see you and Hilda; thanks again for the visit.
    And now, a haiku for your reading enjoyment:
    Chef Chihak in the kitchen,
    Seasoning papas.
    - Mark in Santa Barbara

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for the haiku and the cmment on my blog.
    Was great to see you and Clara, too. Hope we meet up again soon and hope you and she are well.

  3. Mr. Knucklehead,
    Once again, terrific quotes!