Saturday, January 16, 2010

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 14

Kitchen crime scene
"I looked at their plates. It looked like a drive-by shooting on every other table."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty (right) on viewing the rock cod and salmon mousseline work of another class.

Some like it hot
"I know what a hot plate feels like."
-- Culinary student Aline Brown's retort to Chef Dan when he told her to feel another student's hot plate after admonishing her for bringing him her cooking effort on a plate that had not been heated.

Meat: the new money
"Cut toward the bone. If you cut toward the meat, what's that called? Money. You don't want to ruin the meat."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty demonstrating how to bone a pork loin so that the meat, which makes the money in a restaurant, is left intact. 

He can dish
"Which plate do the lentils go on?"
-- Culinary student John Briggs' facetious question about Wednesday's menu after he served lentils on the wrong chicken dish on Monday. 

Just a pinch of Curcuma longa
"What did we learn about turmeric? It's really, really strong. It's mostly for color, not flavor."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty on overuse in our lentil dishes of the yellow-orange spice, which comes from the Curcuma longa plant grown in South Asia.

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