Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What's the rush? Someone's hungry

Controlled chaos in the kitchen is the norm, not the exception, I am learning as culinary school progresses.

Take Monday: Chef had a full agenda for us, including review of previous cooking challenge, preview of the week ahead, lecture on charcuterie and -- lo and behold -- cooking!

We got around to the cooking part with slightly more than one hour left available before the scheduled end of class. Yet, most of us prepped, cooked and plated in that time.

Chef had predicted it would be an easy day for us. That's debatable, but it was pretty near the routine to which we have become accustomed. That meant we were all in a hurry, especially at plating time.

It was quite a rush and more chaotic than has been our custom. He didn't say so this time out, but methinks Chef is prepping us for whatever organization or lack thereof we may encounter in the real world of restaurant cooking.

Photo shows several of my classmates in action on Monday, under the watchful eye of Chef Dan Fluharty, in the tall hat, which is known as a toque.

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  1. Michael, why do some chefs where these toques? Is there a reason they're so tall? Do they need to store eggs in them, ala I Love Lucy? I've always wondered about this. Maybe you can shed some light?