Saturday, February 06, 2010

Culinary school quotes of the week, Week 17

Social Security for sheep
"Here we have a geriatric piece of lamb. It's been in the freezer a long time."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty with a leg of lamb (right) that he was preparing to butcher in a demo for the class.

Case for Agatha Christie
"How mysterious is the basket?"
-- Culinary student John Briggs asking about what will be in a five-ingredient "mystery basket" from which we must cook a meal for our final exam.

What's this yummy filling?
"What could you do with that pork chop if you don't brine it? Could you cut a pocket in it and put a little schmutz in it?"
-- Chef Dan Fluharty on how to bring flavor. "Schmutz" is a Yiddish/German word meaning "soil" or "filth."

Cleanup on Hwy. 101
"The Brussels sprouts road kill ... came from an attempt at flavor profiling. The vinegar caused a pickling, and it really didn't work."
-- Chef Dan Fluharty describing how one student's effort to build flavor and cancel bitterness in cooking veggies fell short.

Pasta meltdown
"I had a pappardella disaster. ... It was almost like dumplings."
-- Culinary student Molly Lester (left) describing how her ribbon pasta went awry.

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