Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lifting the veil on the "mystery" final exam

Six days before our final exam in Culinary Foundations III, Chef told us a bit of what to expect in his "mystery basket" challenge. We will prep, cook, plate and present one of five entrées, plus a starch, vegetable, sauce and garnish.

The five are New York steak; salmon fillet; duck; rack of lamb; a white fish with mousseline, which is a stuffing made from salmon. We have cooked them all, and we know that each has its own particular challenges, mostly involving the right temperature and timing to cook it to Chef's specifications.

Classmates walked away hoping aloud that they wouldn't draw the white fish and salmon mousseline, which probably is the most complex of the five.

My preference is rack of lamb, which I did best with when we cooked it earlier. But I will be prepared for and take on whatever the culinary gods direct my way.

Chef said we will draw slips of paper from a box on Monday to determine who cooks what. That will give us two days to plan a production timeline.

(Photo shows my rack of lamb plating from earlier in the term.)

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