Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chef relents, but we still gotta cook

We were taken by surprise Tuesday in Culinary Foundations II to find out that we wouldn't know which of four dishes we would be required to cook on the first day of our competency final exam Thursday.

Chef Dan Fluharty relented today, telling us our assignments. For me and four classmates, Thursday means prepping, cooking and plating roasted chicken and poached salmon. The other five in class will make grilled pork chops and veal scaloppini. On Friday, we will switch around.

Going into the all-important exam, it's good to know what we will have to do. It allows last-minute adjustments and tweaking of prep and cooking plans and a final revew of the steps needed to get Thursday's two entrees, complete with side dishes, to Chef within the allotted two hours.

Let the cooking begin.

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